Source Engine

Source Unpack Version 2.4

Pack containing HL2 and Portal

HL2 Old Engine Unpack Version 2.0

Pack contains old engine version of HL2. Runs as Source mod.

Episodic Unpack Version 1.0

Pack containing HL2:EP1 and HL2:EP2.

Portal 3420 Package (ADVANCED ONLY!)

Pack contains Portal and has some advanced glitches useful for ADVANCED Out of Bounds runners only.

Ghosting Mod

Pack containing Half-Life 2 speedrunning mod with ghosting capabilities.

BMS 0.9

Pack contains 0.9 version of Black Mesa from Decemeber 2019, the last version before 1.0 release. Contains complete Xen levels and original Earth levels (pre-1.0 update).

GoldSrc Engine

GoldSrc Package 2.4

Pack contains original, unmodified HL, Opposing Force, Blue Shift and their WON counterparts as well as Gunman Chronicles.

Half-Life 2005 WON

Pack containing standalone build of Half-Life from 2005.

Additional Content

8/8 Chamber 08

Portal speedrun map consisting of eight different stages from Chamber 08.

Giant Playground

Large map for practicing movement.